A Night of Africa A Night of Africa is an event showcasing African traditions and cultures through music, presentations, food (free buffet dinner), fundraising and dance. We have been doing this series of events since 2012.
Mobile Youth Container Centre opened in Tanzania On January 5, 2013, we celebrated the grand opening of mobile public library in Tanzania. Thanks to the TELIYA and its supporters this mobile public library is raising the awareness and knowledge of youth by providing them with resources including books, computers services with Internet access, and an office to hold that provide consultations. The library that is designed in a modified shipping container can be found in the Simiyu region, about a 40 minutes’ drive from Lake Victoria and an hour to Serengeti border. Now for the first time, the library is providing for an entire community/village that previously had no access to a library or public Internet.

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Anti-Malaria Project in Tanzania On July 2013, at Sima and Ihusi Public Primary school in Bariadi, Tanzania, we did a presentation on the sensitization and awareness on Malaria, its majors causes, prevention methods, and advantages and disadvantages of using mosquito nets as a prevention. Despite being many students in need, with limited budget through support from Impact Nation, Visa and Teenage Life Program permitted providing only 100 nets to children in two village schools, along with a soccer and netball balls. The Mosquito nets given away were 5" x 6" bed size that can accommodate 4 – 3 children. The event was presided by local government officers from the villages of Sima and Ihusi. If your are interested in assisting with this project please free to contact us for more information. Mobile Medical Clinic & Resource Centre in Tanzania TELIYA International has began soliciting our proposal for the Mobile Medical Clinic & Resource Centre in Tanzania - a moving vehicle designed to provide health care services and transportation to the people in need in Simiyu region. The mandate of the project will be to visit various regions, with particular focus on remote communities were emergency services could assist in transporting pregnant women or critically ill individuals in need of transportation to the hospital, all while providing tests, promotion materials and information on heath services. The project will be based out of Bariadi, a town where a shipping container will be modified to serve as a centre with a small library, office, and enough space to stock medical supplies and tools. The Mobile Medical Clinic will be a service for the community by providing health care access to individuals who do not have access to nurses, doctors, and important health care information essential to improving their quality of life, necessary to contribute to development of their community. The Mobile Medical Clinic, headquartered in Bariadi, is close to Serengeti Nation Park and Lake Victoria. By investing in a mobile facility, the project can have a greater impact by providing basic health care access for a larger population in desperate situations, who cannot afford transportation and basic services such as First Aid or information. The Mobile Medical Clinic will be designed inside a modified van, equipped with First Aid kits, hygiene products, some medications, books, posters, brochures and computers for information. If your are interested in assisting with this project please free to contact us for more information NGWAMASHENGWA Farm Group in Tanzania Ngwamasheng’wa Farm Group is based in Ihusi, Bariadi District in Simiyu Tanzania, in the border with Serengeti National Park. The estimated 300 hectors of land was given to the Farm Group following the wishes of the late Elder Masheg’wa Lusha who died in July 25th 2009. The late Masheng’wa is a grandfather to Leonard Boniface, our TELIYA International’s President. The farm is very fertile and potential for all types of crops including maize, cotton, rice, and groundnuts. However, due to human and animal manual cultivation the expected crops production is not reached and most of the land remains unused. Currently the Farm Group is making application for investment in farm equipment paired with technical assistance to improve agricultural output in a sustainable manner. The global outcomes of farm investment aim to: 1. Create a model for Tanzania’s government’s policy “KILIMO KWANZA” that calls on agriculture first and foreign investment in modern agriculture. 2. Reduce the poverty of Farm Group through sales of harvested crops. 3. Use the farm as a model and demonstrative scheme where by the community can study modern farming science and technology on their farms. 4. Create community employment with increased farming operation. 5. Create a sovereign farm group funds for community development to build a public library and a school in the village in honour of Elder Masheng'wa. If your are interested in assisting with this project please free to contact us for more information.

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Speaker Program on Youth and Young Adults Leadership We were pleased to do series of Speaker Program in Whitehorse, Yukon. The project gathered information and best practices by meetings and surveys, towards the speakers' series. Speaker Program is a project designed to promote and exchange ideas on youth and young adults' leadership roles at different levels in the community by conducting a series of bi-weekly speaking engagements in Yukon. Speakers were invited to connect with and inspire students while they share their expertise in different topics. Speakers on a bi-weekly came from various organizations. Each speaker's topic came from a cross-section of issues which affect youth locally and globally such as leadership skills, life skills, employment, global health, multicultural, drug abuse, volunteerism, project management, entrepreneurship and many more. • Our TELIYA International’s President Leonard Boniface visited three primary schools in Quebec, Canada in November 2014. He completed a series of presentations on leadership skills, volunteerism and music before the students. These schools included: St-Just, Ste-Lucie, Chanoine-Ferland and Ste-Apolline. • Our President Leonard Boniface attended the UN Youth Assembly at United National Headquarters in New York, August 2015
• Our President Leonard Boniface facilitated and organized a trip for a group of youth from Yukon, attended the Summer Youth Assembly at United Nations 2016 at UN Headquarters in New York. To book a speaker at an event or in your school please see our contact information
Yukon African Music Festival Since 2013, every year we have been showcasing African traditions and cultures through music, presentations, craft fair, food and dance to the Yukon community. The event assist community and especially new comers who moved in the Yukon with an important opportunity to network and also create awareness about different multicultural groups active in the larger community.

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