Opportunities with TELIYA
Get Involved with TELIYA International You can get involved as a TELIYA partner, family, volunteer, member, associate, affiliated organization, individual or as a sponsor. There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities to choose from and there are many benefits including access to training, certificate for your achievements and experience on your resume. It is also a great way to meet new people and make a difference! Currently we are looking for:
Fundraisers We will appreciate individuals who can donate their time to help fundraise on behalf of TELIYA International. This could involve hosting a dinner, organizing an event, or selling souvenirs etc. We have a series of projects to be funded both locally and internationally, so let us know if you can help and we will work together to and a project that you would like to support or participate in. Also, if you want to volunteer in or visit Africa, we have projects which you can participate in, fundraise for and make a difference. IT Worker
You can help TELIYA International with the website as well as other IT related matters. Media Worker
You can write newsletters, brochures, and help promote the organization to the public through mass media. Peer Educator
You can train as a peer educator and deliver fun workshops to youth and young adults on different social matters. Youth Worker
You can help youth with different projects designed by the organization or even introduced by the volunteers. Young adult & adult worker
You can help young adults and adults become involved in the community and attract volunteers of different ages to help with the organization.
Donations — Financial and in Kind In addition to financial donations, we are glad to accept materials such as used books, computers/laptops, electronics, and clothes. Please contact us so that we can also arrange to pick them up. We also welcome you to write to us and let know how you would like to be involved. We at TELIYA International value people, their contribution and the desire for social change. We are all committed to helping people realize their full potential, together we can make a big difference.

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